Core Advantages

  • Grow Your Business

    Quality ads promote conversions,helps you establish a sustainable business. Yoads help you grow your earnings.

  • Powerful Technology

    Intelligent technology

  • Easy Integration

    Get high-value returns by simply implanting sdk in your app

  • Geographical Advantage

    High geagraphical footprint

Flexible Advertising Style


Native can be designed by the developer for the app,
flexible in style design and resource acquisition,
seamlessly interface with the application, good
user experience and high conversion rate.


In-stream ads are full-screen ads, which can be images,
rich media, or videos. For maximum results, use them
at the game's natural breakpoints.


A universal ad style that can be used in any scene, mostly
for the top or bottom, with little disruption to the user,
and a good experience

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